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Deep within a mountain forest, a lonely critter finds companionship with a giant redwood tree and learns that change is both a natural and necessary part of life.


I set out to make TREE HUGGER a commentary on environmentalism, and ended up with a film about love, acceptance, and diversity. So many of the environmental challenges we currently face are seen through the black and white lenses of politics, while facts and figures dull our conversations into economic ticker-tape. The truth is, we all have a very real emotional relationship with nature. This is our birthright, and whatever our situation, it is something that we all must share. By acknowledging our relationship with the natural world, we are also acknowledging that it is a relationship had by all of us, in all forms that may take. TREE HUGGER suggests that, as a society, it is only possible to move forward if we accept and embrace our relationship with the environment together. The film also aims to highlight the beauty of the outdoors, the importance and necessity of change, and the natural lifecycles to which we all contribute.



COMPOSER: Stephen A. Spies

FOLEY ARTIST: Michael Lyle

FOLEY ENGINEER: Matthew J. Mondrick




  • Recipient of the Matt Groening Initiative (May 2015)

  • CINE Golden Eagle Award Finalist, Student Media, Animation (September 2015)

  • FICMA Environmental Film Festival Official Selection - Barcelona, Spain

  • St. Cloud FIlm Festival Official Selection - St. Cloud, Minnesota

  • Tassie Eco Film Festival Official Selection - Hobart, Tasmania

  • Sedona International Film Festival Official Selection - Sedona, Arizona

  • Green Mountain Film Festival Official Selection - Montpelier, Vermont

  • IFF Ekotopfilm Festival Official Selection - Bratislava and Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

  • Rainforest Partnership Films for the Forest - Austin, Texas

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