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Adult, 2D, comedy


As a revisionist on Fairfax, I was often given boards completely in thumbnail or rough stages and asked to bring them to cleans. The show required assets to be strictly on-model, especially faces. Below are a few sequences I'm especially proud of that contain 75% or more of my personal work.


Seq 10 - "Big Peens"

Director: Doug Olsen

Revisions: Entire sequence. Reboards included kayaking/crashing animations.


Seq 06 - "Benny Goes to Church"

Director: Matt Taylor

Revisions: Entire sequence; I was responsible for taking the thumbnails to cleans.


Seq 04 - "Chernobyl Fest"

Director: Doug Olsen

Revisions: Character acting, crowds, FX. I did NOT revise BGs.


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