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My first job out of college was working for a small print journal, Spectrum. The journal's main subject matter was liberal theological philosophy. Being agnostic myself, and generally skeptical of organized religion, my time spent as an assistant editor, graphic designer, and project manager there was indeed eye-opening!

One of my favorite projects was getting to lead a book publication project. The book, written by two university professors, seeks to translate and contextualize the ancient Hebrew of Genesis I -- heavy stuff! Fritz Guy, PhD, is a research professor of philosophical theology; Brian Bull, MD, is chair of the Pathology and Human Anatomy Department at Loma Linda University. When I was asked to lead the project, I knew it would be helpful to inject some art into an otherwise dense text. After helping edit the manuscript, I designed the book with an artistic, friendly sensibility to offset the serious subject matter, and added my own illustrations to each chapter. After learning about publishing vendors, paper weights, cover glosses and ISBNs, I'm proud to say the book is officially on Amazon, and a copy is sitting on a shelf somewhere in the Library of Congress.

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