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Meet Slippy Phipps: rebel toad, i.e. my first ever 3D-modeled and animated project. Born in the far reaches of the Swampy Sea, Slippy Phipps was modeled in Maya and painted in Photoshop. Though he thinks himself tough, Slippy wears his heart on his sleeve (literally) with tattoos of his favorite things: lily pads, fish scales, flies, and Kermit the Frog, his idol.

In his debut film, Slippy Phipps Walks a Ways, Slippy expertly captures the nuance of the human condition with each plodding step and turn of eye, demonstrating in a mere few seconds the very essence of life, love, and existence.

SLIPPY PHIPPS WALKS A WAYS starring Slippy Phipps as himself

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